soo long….

dear everyone who is reading this blog..

i just realized i didnt update this blog for a long time…

hehe being a medical doctor n new mom makes it even harder to post something..

but this is going to change,coz im going to be updating more frequently..as i noticed, blogging is like a therapeutic thing for me

it makes me feel happy n not lonely..feels that someone,somewhere will be reading my blog..

anyway,im going to create a new blog soon..so stay tune!


1 month to go,mommy!

3rd april…

im 35 weeks now..about  a month to go..

cant wait to see my precious baby girl..she;s been kicking inside my womb..i just wanna see her cute little face..

im having a teribble back pain this few days..tried nearly everything.

but pain comes back..it’s hard to walk nowadays..but im still working til 38 weeks..huhu..

anyway,i need to sleep now.it’s bedtime for me n baby girl..

take care everyone!

im 7 months pregnant..

hey everyone..

its beeen quite some time since i have the mood to blog..hehe

busy with my work and also occupied with recent important events in my life..My Only twin Sister ‘s wedding..

As time passes by, im already 7 months pregnant..i cant barely see my feet when im standing..hehe..it’s been a great feeling through the months..u experienced how ur body changes and not forgetting ur feelings too..

I started to feel a mother’s instinct since my baby girl starts to kick ,move,hiccups,etc..in my tummy..

I could feel how she feels and vice versa..When i didnt have the time to eat, she will start to move n kick my tummy..hehe..Maybe it’s a sign to tell me, “Mommy, eat something,im hungry”

And when im so stressed and tired,my baby didnt move much..maybe she understands her mommy needs some time to rest =)  My baby girl also recognised her father’s voice..when aiman calls me, i on the speakerphone..and the baby starts to move a lot! Maybe she’s excited to hear her daddy’s voice..When her daddy is back in KL , she moves a lot too when daddy put his hand on mama’s tummy..Aww,she miss daddy!


As my pregnancy progress:-

My feet started to swell a little..i wore 1 size bigger than my normal size..i cant fit to my normal clothes anymore..

once in a week,i have leg cramps at night..cannot walk so much, will be tired easily..

Must eat regularly,4-6 times a day.. Must take vitamins + supplements

Cannot drink coffee which i love the most! MIss my starbucks coffee

Need to go to toilet regularly..feels like peeing every 1-2 hours

Needs to drink a lot of water…

Needs to put on moisturizer coz skin tends to be dry frequently.


 The feelings of something growing in my belly and will become a newborn baby brings positive thinking in me..i dont mind experiencing all this changes..

and  i will take care of my baby the way my mom took care of me..=)

wish u r always near…

Im currently in my 2nd trimester…21 weeks pregnant…

for the past 1 week i was pampered by hubby..who went back to Kl from Labuan to be with me..(he’s working at petronas labuan) . I used to wake up beside my sister everyday when he’s not around..I really cherish the feeling of waking up beside hubby..or hubby hugging u the whole night..=)

I usually had to apply stretch marks cream by myself,but when hubby around, he will do it for me..He also sent me to work n fetch me..the usual days,i had  to drive myself  1 hour plus to go to work..

he bought me comfort shoes cause he knows i need comfy shoes during pregnancy..

He feels guilty when i had to walk for long hours with him..when he shops at low yat..

he wants to buy the foods that i crave..he knows i dont eat much when he’s away.. I crave for blueberry cheese tart the other day,he tried his best to find cheese tart for me..The previous day, i crave for daim cake from ikea..we went there just to satisfy my cravings..i dont have the mood to eat / cravings when he’s away though…maybe i just need the comfort being with him..having meals together..

He always reminds me to take milk and supplements given by my gynae..i usually forgets coz of my busy life as an intern…

I really appreciate what he has done for me during his stay..i really cannot hold the tears falling down my cheek when i wish him goodbye at the airport..

” ween, jaga baby baik2..take good care of yourself..jgn lupa makan ubat doctor bagi..rest byk..jangan tak makan tau..jangan notty2..lagi 1 month,i’ll be back”

I kissed his hand and he kissed my cheek…and tears kept on falling…

at that moment,i wish….u’re always near me…

I miss u already abang syg..

the FIRST of everything..

Hi dear friends..

i just realized i’ve not been writing lately..i was a bit busy with my new posting..

Today,i just feel like writing again..so,this is it..about my feeling..The First..

The first thing of everything usually leaves mark to your heart or memory..

First love..First Job..First time Driving..First Baby…

This year has been really great for me..it’s the year im experiencing 2 “firsts”:-

1) First time spending raya as husband & wife

– I never knew how it felt til this year when i spend the raya eve n 1st day of raya NOT at my home sweet home. It felt awkward at first, but then i start to get a hang of it. I could experience other people’s way of celebrating raya. The day before raya,i was at my hubby’s house. THe people at masjid will go to one house after another and perform takbir raya..Im really touched everytime i heard takbir raya..at it was more touching,as i suddenly miss my family..Aiman’s mom also prepared Johor dishes which i have never tasted,so it’s something new that i learn this year.

2) first pregnancy

I was so happy when i knew i was pregnant. Aiman was even happier. I could feel his happiness by his sms to me,wishing us congratz. When he was back during hols, he would really pampered me like a princess. Just mention anything,he would buy it for me.

It was my first pregnancy. Feel a bit awkward at first with the morning sickness & the pantang larang.. Im not sure what i can eat, and what i shouldnt eat. Luckily mom was a great help. SHe prepared Enfamama Milk For me every morning and night. She cooked my fav’s dishes when i dont feel like eating. She was really supportive..and im thankful to have a caring n understanding mother like her.

My first antenatal check up at SJMC when i was 13 weeks pregnant. Aiman was there with me.. He was so excited when Dr Delaila scan me,as he saw our baby pic + heartbeat at the ultrasound scan screen. Dr Delaila, my obstetrist adviced me a lot of things..I didnt know i cant take caffeine when im pregnant..hehe..im a coffe addict,but i had to obey the rules.She gave me few vitamins n folic acid.

Im satisfied….my next apointment will be this saturday..Hmm,i wonder whether it’s a girl or a boy.?



what happen to people nowadays…

they just dont know..or pretend they dont understand..the meaning of..RESPECT..

yesterday, a patient’s relative came to me and my collegue..

with an unpleasant tone of voice, he spoke up, “doctor,saya bengang btol lah dgn org kat unit hasil tu,saya nak bayar bill pun diorg nak minta kad pesara lah,saya kata tak bawa, dia tak nak bagi..”


i paused and said, ” encik,kite takde kaitan dgn hal tu..kite mmg dah discharge mak encik, apa kata encik tanya org kat depan tu”

My other doctor friend also spoke nicely…

his anger was uncontrollable..He raise his voice..

“doktor ni saya cakap tak nak dengar,doktor diam boleh tak,..biar saya cakap..ishh,saya geram ni..”


me n my friends were like thinking..? hey,we’re trying to help and we r the one who’s getting the blame! selfish btol lah org ni…

why people nowadays have no more respect to other people? i sometimes feel like quitting this noble job..people dont even appreciate what we’re doing for them..we worked 36 hours at times, but people expect us to be fresh all day..we are helping patients,but sometimes why they treat us as if we’re the ones who causing them pain..hmmm

2nd august..

i was on call on that sunday morning.. it already started as badly from the start.

most ho was not around that day.i had to cover 2 cubicles..carrying out plans of the 2 cubicles while u’re on call at the same time is tiring..i told myself to be patient..

Starting from 9.30am til 10.45pm…the admissions to ward was flowing like tap water..i dont mind attending to patient who really needs hospital admissions..but the cases that were admitted that day was simple cases that could be managed outpatient..

viral pharyngitis…viral fever..pharynogotonsilitis..phewwhh..

Nurses working on that afternoon shift were not helping at all..Some of them didnt took any vital signs monitoring since 10am..oh my god..when i asked regarding the patient’s Blood pressure, she dare to say to me. “BP machine ada kat situ,dr buat lah sendiri”  Oh,i think i can have high blood pressure  today..Im so tired that day n agitated,i told her “kalau ini pun saya buat, akak buat kerja apa?”   Sabar je lah..

By 6pm,i counted dengue cases,they were rising in ward…from only 5 cases in the morning,it went up to 13 cases..with the blood taking every 6 hours, me n qina worked continuously from 9.30am til 10pm something..we had our bath at 11pm..



my day was not over yet..3 more admissions at midnight..with few chairs and extension..the SISTER on call couldnt stand it, and asked us to place some patients up in the female ward.at 1.30 am,i had to send patient to hospital serdang for ct brain..

the patient was vomitting in the ambulance..at 2am,im so hungry n nauseated..i feel like vomitting too..teringat mcd kat pantry ward..huhu


as i arrived at serdang…the radiographer has that one kind of unpleasant , menyampah look at me..i was thinking, “what’s wrong with her..”   She talked to me in a rough way,”Urgent sangat ke CT brain ni kena hantar sekarang?? GCS full..” She was agitated because we send a patient for an urgent ct brain at this time of the day..But u think i want to send patient at this hour and sacrifice my sleep?? i had to coz it’s urgent…im soooo dissapointed with that radiographer..


im a human being,i have feelings..i was telling myself,sabar je lah..im so tired til i cant be bothered..we finally finished everything + wardwork at 4am..i slept at 4am and was called again to check blood products for patients..interuppted sleep..i received another call at 5.30am,saying patient’s BP dropping..the anaesth was angry coz i didnt do anything about the BP since 12midnight..BUT i was not noted by nurses the BP drop until this morning..


I refresh myself by taking bath and a hot cup of coffee..and continue my morning rounds.come to think of it,i could have break down n cry..but i didnt..

my hubby was giving me strength ..he msg me every few hours..with sweet inspiring msg..even with msg as short as,

🙂 syg bz ke? hope u dpt rest nanti. remember ur hubby always love u.

But to anyone who thinks doctors are robots…we are not..we’re human being..we have feelings and we also feel tired..we also get sick..


                                                                           ……..THE END